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Friends of Bukwo Global operates as a nonprofit organization under the auspices of Partners in Action.  They provide us with 501c3 status so all of our donations are tax deductible.  They also assist us with processing your donations.

Our board consists of 6 members, spread in 3 states and 2 countries (US and Uganda).  There is a counterpart to us in Uganda, to give us information on what areas need our help and to make sure the money that is given on this side of the ocean is appropriated correctly on that side of the ocean.

Our Beginning

 After a number of teams travelled to Bukwo Uganda to assist Peter and Maggie Sabay in their dream of bringing quality healthcare to the community, it became evident that a US nonprofit organization was needed to facilitate in sending teams and accounting for the finances given.  So in 2020, Friends of Bukwo Global was born.  The vision is much broader than just the hospital. We see the hospital acting as a stimulus for economic development and education in the district.  The hospital is just the beginning!


Who we are:

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