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Love4Bukwo Medical Center

The hospital has been in operation since June 22 with over 30 staff.  It functions as an outpatient clinic with services including limited physical therapy, x-ray, a full lab, ultrasound as well as prenatal care.  The inpatient areas treat those from a low level of illness all the way through critical care, including neonatal.  Medical professionals are always welcome to share their knowledge and expertise with our staff and give the community services that are not readily available.

Love4Bukwo Mission House

This facility provides housing for the owners, Dr. and Mr. Sabay and their family as well as guests.  It can house teams coming to do mission work at the facility and surrounding area.  It also functions as a bed and breakfast when teams are not here, providing additional income to offset the expenses that are not met by patients at the hospital.

There is a current desire to build a second story to this building so more guests can be accomodated and give the Sabays a little more space for their living quarters as well as better housing for our on site doctors. 

Those who know how to build, wire, paint and plumb are welcome to come help with this project!

Bukwo complete.jpg

Other Projects to be involved in:

Training is greatly needed in Bukwo in many areas:  medical, agricultural, carpentry, education, Biblical understanding, entrepreneurial skills, etc.  A desire is to send teams who can help the community to develop through this training.  A curriculum has been selected to help in business planning based on Christian principles.  Any gifts towards this are greatly appreciated.  Training pastors to be chaplains is also a great desire.  Willing hearts are always welcome to join us!  Just contact us.

Future dreams are for a nursing school where nurses and midwives can be trained in more up to date processes than is currently available in Uganda.

Education is also a huge need and the Sabays have already been asked to build a K-12 school for local children.  Most send their children to boarding school, diminishing the involvement of parents in their children's lives.

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