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Love4Bukwo Medical Center

Today, many have given money and supplies and gone to Bukwo from the United States to help realize the dream of Peter and Maggie Sabay to bring quality healthcare to the people of Bukwo.  It became evident that a US nonprofit organization was needed to facilitate in sending teams and accounting for the finances given.  So in 2020, Friends of Bukwo Global was born.  The vision is much broader than just the hospital as we see the hospital acting as a stimulus for economic development and education in the district.  The hospital is just the beginning!

Love4Bukwo Mission House

As the hospital was worked on, it became evident that another building was needed for a housing and training facility.  As we desire to send teams and have a training area for the community to learn skills that they can use for their own enterprise, it was determined that a mission house should be built.  This will reduce costs for those visiting and gives a place for staff to stay if there is poor weather for them to get home. Our physicians stay in a room while on call and currently the Sabay family lives there in one suite.  It is also being used for training, events and for preparing food until the kitchen/cafeteria can be completed.

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Future Possible Projects:

Training is greatly needed in Bukwo in many areas:  medical, agricultural, carpentry, entrepreneurial skills, etc.  A desire is to send teams who can help the community to develop through this training.

It would be great to develop a training center, including a nursing school, where not only those from Bukwo, but all over Uganda, can develop skills that are unknown to the region, all while developing in character and a relationship with Christ.

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